Balmain knew how to make his namesake fashion house an icon in the city of Paris, with its distinctive long-lasting designs. Ever since 2011, Olivier Rousting, the house’s Creative Director, has been recovering the legacy of his predecessor, whilst giving it a modern touch and a new distinctive vibe of optimism and innovation. That is the case for Balmain’s collection of designer loafers. A meticulous attention to detail is one of the distinctive features of the Balmain fashion house, producing elaborate pieces expertly crafted by recognized fashion artisans. Balmain loafers are no exception to this and they showcase quality materials delicately crafted and designed for daily use. This emblematic shoe combines a classic style with modern details, so the Balmain army can celebrate its timeless spirit every day. Furthermore, each design is unique and innovative, thus shaping the future of fashion.

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